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One color print / hand touched, 23"x35", Printed on Natural Karma, 250 Limited Edition, 25 Artists Proof

This print commemorates one of the most outrageous parties ever thrown on Cannery Row. It was invite only, and was a rare blend of the who's who mixed with the homeless, and several varieties of underground characters. It is still referred to by some as the "best party they've ever been to." The party print was sold on the night of the party. The remaining prints are of historical value as this was the only public party ever thrown by Sax Gallery.

Sax Gallery Anniversary Party

  • From his studio/gallery at 807 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA. Jeffrey Sax has been producing and selling his work to a worldwide audience. His serigraphs from the 1980's were hand printed, one color at a time, by master printers (primarily David Smith of Seriphics). Edition series were usually limited to 500 prints (or less) and there are no originals. The artist working with a photographer created transparent overlays which were then burned onto screens by the printer. This integrity factor combined with Jeff's artistry has earned him representation in museums alongside artists like Warhol, Picasso, and Rauschenberg.

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