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Cal Ling Paperworks is a handmade papermaking studio where recyclables, mostly fine natural fiber rags such as cotton, linen, and silk are reprocessed to create a new form, paper. The rags are gathered, shredded, soaked in water, pulped, formed into sheets, pressed, dried, and repressed to produce the very paper this work is printed on. These poster papers are made from a very fine Japanese cotton, some of the best on the market, and should endure a few lifetimes. The various pieces of cloth and string in the blender on the poster are applied right after the wet sheet has been formed, so that the fibers bond together.


Each poster is really one of a kind because of the individual placement of the pieces.


Collaborative efforts are some of the best and a welcome challenge to all those involved, this poster is evidence of that. Jeff Sax has an incredibly quick eye to discern the essence of papermaking and has almost imposed the process upon the process! His graphic simplicity and fluidity account for the impact of the image and its fresh idealism. There are very few left...

Cal Ling Paperworks

  • From his studio/gallery at 807 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA. Jeffrey Sax has been producing and selling his work to a worldwide audience. His serigraphs from the 1980's were hand printed, one color at a time, by master printers (primarily David Smith of Seriphics). Edition series were usually limited to 500 prints (or less) and there are no originals. The artist working with a photographer created transparent overlays which were then burned onto screens by the printer. This integrity factor combined with Jeff's artistry has earned him representation in museums alongside artists like Warhol, Picasso, and Rauschenberg.

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